Reader. World-Changer. Wife. Mom.

Who is Shaina?

My name is Shaina Destine. I am a Black queer librarian who wants to change the world. I am originally from the Bronx but am currently living in the South with my wife and my baby.

I want to help books that are published accurately reflect diverse communities so that when new generations grow up and read, they can feel empowered and seen.

What To Expect —

Reliability. Analysis. Clear Feedback. Clear Communication. Critical Thinking.

Did you know: Shaina has over 10 years of editing experience — structural, line and copy.

Constant Communication

We can communicate as much or as little as you would like, on whichever platform works best for you.

Full and easily accessible reports

I will give you a complete report on the project in accessible language and easy-to-understand recommendations.

Fast turnaround

We will decide on a timeline together and work from there so that everyone’s expectations are met.